Facebook bans the Jabberbox Designs business page

We have been notified by Facebook that they have taken down our fan page on Facebook because of an alleged infringement complaint. After doing some research on their infringement policy and other FB pages that have been taken down, we’ve came to the conclusion that it is a bogus complaint. Since Facebook’s infringement policy is so generic and weak, it is simply an easy back door hack for anyone to take down another’s FB page.

We will be submitting another press release on this that will be distributed to 8000 news syndications. ¬†You can also read more about this at Inner Geek Central where I’ve posted an article on the entire bit. If you were a fan on our Facebook page and can no longer view it or receive news updates about Jabberbox Designs, this is why. We have contacted Facebook both via e-mail and phone but have had no response. From the research we have done on this and the multiple other companies that have had their page banned, it doesn’t look like an easy resolution. We have came to the conclusion that 99% of these bannings are bogus. Jabberbox Designs will keep you updated on the saga.

The Jabberbox Design Team